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Music Premiere Monday- "Get Up!" Premiere on SoutherN Living

"Soul may have originated in Memphis, but it infected bands from all over the south.  It's certainly not lost on The Nightowls from Austin, Tx.  Today's premiere is sure to get you on your feet, so tie on your dancing shoes and toss on Get Up!"

NIGHTOWLS Bring Set of Past, Future Sounds to House of Rock - Corpus Christi Caller || Spring 2015

"The moment they hit the stage, the Austin-based group known as The Nightowls make it impossible for their audiences to sit still.  While their combination of highly intricate dance moves and accomplished musicianship may get plenty of attention, it is their infectious musical style that really gets toes tapping and bodies moving over the course of their expertly produced performances."

Houston Press Best Weekend Shows || Spring 2015

"Founded in 2011, the ten-piece ensemble's first full-length LP, 2013's Good as Gold, placed in the Top 10 of the 2014 Austin' Music Awards' Albums of the Year; this Continental Houston stop is part of a brief Texas tour celebrating the album's recent release on vinyl. The Nightowls will also play their first-ever Austin City Limits festival this fall, by which time the followup to Good as Gold — recorded at FAME, the historic Alabama studios featured in the documentary Muscle Shoals — should be available"


"These up-and-coming acts represent what's great about Austin's music scene- diversity, drive and an overwhelming amount of talent"

INTERVIEW with Maroon Weekly || Spring 2015

"An up-and-coming motown band out of Austin, The Nightowls, is making waves in the music world and is coming to the Grand Stafford Theater on Feb. 6.  We sat down with lead vocalist Ryan Harkrider to hear how a soul band came out of a country state."

The Vinyl District Recommends: THE NIGHTOWLS at Magnolia Motor Lounge || Spring 2015

"It's no secret that Austinites have jumped on The Nightowls' ne0-soul train, inviting the band to play at 2014 Austin City Limits Music Festival and commissioning them to write and produce the city's official theme song, "Nobody Ever Wants to Leave."  But it won't be before long that America climbs aboard as well." 

Matchmaker and Nightowls at The Highball- 365 Things to Do in || Fall 2014

"Yesterday I went out for Soul Sunday at Icenhauer's and had an absolute BLAST!  The Nightowls are a band that does all the Motown stuff that you can't help but move to and its just so fun."

Good As Gold B-Sides Review- Texas Music Magazine || Fall 2014

"The Nightowls, an Austin-based soul band that draws its dynamic, dancing-in-the-street spirit straight outta Motown, has been enlivening stages since 2011.  And now their song, "Nobody Ever Wants to Leave," commissioned by the Austin Convention and Visitor's Bureau, is Austin's official theme song."

"ACL 2014: Ten Band You Know Didn't Know You Needed to See"- || Fall 2014

"Formed by Ryan Harkrider, The Nightowls are a soul band from the capitol city.  They currently reside as a house band at The Highball every Monday night for the bar's Motown Monday lineup.  Having seen them live, I can assure you they are way too much fun to miss out on during this year's festival."

ACL Music Fest Listings- Austin Chronicle || Fall 2014

"The Nightowls swagger just as effectively in the afternoon sun, with the sprawling, up-to-10 piece Motown-inspired grooves behind Ryan Harkrider's smooth trilling vox.  Last year's debut LP Good As Gold copped a Jackson 5 rhythm laced with a blue-eyed Memphis soul blast of horns and keys.  A recent Gold B-Sides EP digs even deeper into a vintage vibe."

Good As Gold B-Sides Review - Texas Music Magazine || Fall 2014

"The Nightowls, an Austin-based soul band that draws its dynamic, dancing-in-the-street spirit straight outta Motown, has been enlivening stages since 2011.  And now their song, "Nobody Ever Wants to Leave," commissioned by Austin Convention and Visitor's Bureau, is Austin's Official Theme Song."

"Road to ACL: Interview with The NIghtowls" - The Austinot || Fall 2014

"The Nightowls, a ten-piece soul band, are on fire.  They just released their second CD, recorded a third, have been playing big events around town and are now gearing up to play ACL for the first time."

Meet The Nightowls- || Fall 2014

Interview and Video

Review of Good As Gold B-Sides- || Fall 2014

"The Feel Good gives you a taste of that Funkadelic-style soul.  Nobody Ever Wants to Leave was chosen as the official song of the Austin Convention and Visitor's Bureau.  After All has some old school Stevie Wonder sounds to go with the Motown vibe"

NIGHTOWLS Ahead of Schedule with ACL Fest gig- Austin American-Statesman || Fall 2014

"But Good As Gold proved the group is fully capable of bringing its own material to the fore.  Renowned local jazz guitarist Jake Langley helped The Nightowls craft nine songs that represent their stylistic range as well as their tight professionalism with arrangements and production."

THE NIGHTOWLS on KLBJ 93.7FM Local Licks || Fall 2014

THE NIGHTOWLS Bringing Soul to The Rustic- Music Enthusiast || Summer 2014

"The Austin-based The Nightowls evoke that classic soul sound, the likes of which you don't hear too often anymore."

"The Feel Good" Top Ten Songs- The Alternate Root || Summer 2014

"The Nightowls make it easy to both hear and fall fast for The Feel Good"

Looking at the B-Sides of The Nightowls- || Summer 2014

"The Nightowls recordings are nearly perfect, right down to the mastering, and Good As Gold B-Sides is no exception.  This is another lesson in how to record music the right way."

Your Ultimate Sunday Funday- || Summer 2014

"...My favorite part of Sunday Funday at Icenhauer's is enjoying the tunes from local live band, The Nightowls.  Motown is in my soul and they could not perfect the sounds so sweetly.  If you miss a chance to see this 10-piece group on any given Sunday from 4-7pm, they'll be playing at Austin City Limits Music Festival in October 2014.  My advice?  See these guys before they make it big."

Good As Gold B-Sides Review- || Summer 2014

"On September 9th, the band will release a follow up EP: Good As Gold B-Sides, and believe me, its as enjoyable as its companion.  There are just four tracks and front man Ryan Harkrider and the remaining eight members of The Nightowls make you long for more."

Austin Music Source- || Summer 2014

"It's Blues on the Green time at Zilker Park, as KGSR's summer series presents a dynamite double bill of ex-Texan singer-songwriter Robert Ellis and rising smooth soul sensation The Nightowls"

The Nightowls at Blues on the Green- The Austin Chronicle || Summer 2014

"Riding last year's debut LP Good As Gold, The Nightowls continue carving out a Motown-inflected niche in Austin, with Ryan Harkrider leading a nine-piece groove machine through sauve, energetic, blue-eyed soul."

5 Q's with The Nightowls- || Summer 2014

"In my through the resurgence of this sound [Motown}, I ran across the Austin-based band, The Nightowls- a whopping 10-piece soul band whose music is filled with that same passion I adored as a girl."

NIGHTOWLS #1 "Must See Act" at ACL Fest- || Summer 2014

"This 10 piece soul band does exactly what the music of the 1960's was able to do: resonate with the people.  Their lead single, "Good As Gold" which bursts the lyric "I've been working hard just to get to the top, but I'm still on the bottom", is a little bit like the sound of the men working on the chain...gang.  Lead singer, Ryan Harkrider is the wizard in front of the curtain, having done a genius job of creating a brand around The Nightowls"

The Horn Interview- The Nightowls: Keeping Austin Soulful || Spring 2014

"Local band The Nightowls have been making waves lately with their upbeat soulful tunes.  On Friday they play a special show at Stubb's with KP and The Boom Boom to benefit the Austin School of Music"

Good As Gold review on || Spring 2014

"...The Nightowls are living proof that real music made by real people, will persevere- no matter what."

Good As Gold review in Elmore Magazine || Spring 2014

"...Harkrider's flexible tenor has a pleasant edge and bright, high overtones.  Inspired by smooth Detroit stylishness, this tasty southern soul..."

The Nightowls' feature in ATX Man Magazine || Spring 2014

"As the SXSW Music Conference enters its 28th year, ATX Man Mag looks at what it takes to make it as a breakout band in today's Live Music Capitol of the World.

Screenwriter William Goldman's famous dictum about Hollywood- "Nobody Knows Anything"- applies in spades to the music business, and success therein, circa 2014.  What does "success" mean to an Austin musician these days, anyway?  Giving up the day job?  Headlining on the Austin Ventures Stage at the ACL Music Festival?  Seeing your new single in heavy rotation on KGSR?  Reigning as most-blogged-about at South by Southwest?  Or, maybe success means something as simple and satisfying as taking your shiny nine-piece band out for a spin on an unseasonably balmy and sun-drenched Sunday afternoon in January...."  

Cashbox Good As Gold Review || February 2014

"...The Nightowls have released an album of smooth and sophisticated soul music.  It is music for the mind, heart and feet.  A wonderful debut from a band that deserves some commercial attention and success."

The Nightowls named Deli Magazine "Emerging Artist" || Spring 2014

ALTERNATE ROOT- Top Ten Songs || January 2014

"One of Those Days (from the album Good As Gold)- It has been a long, long night and the morning after has risen on One of Those Days.  There are times when the best you can do is stay out of your own way.  The Nightowls take a moment to let soul lead the way through bass lines, grooves and horns laid out over a tale of trying to do your best, intuitively understanding that "I know it's going to be one of those days."" || January 2014 interview Nightowls frontman, Ryan Harkrider.  Read full interview here: 

The Nightowls' Soulful Gift || Deli Magazine March

"It passed through my ear canal, igniting an insatiable desire to jump, shout and dance.  The Nightowls' front man, Ryan Harkrider, calls their sound a marriage of Soul and Motown, encompassing jazz, blues, R&B and pop."

Texas Music Magazine || January 2014

"Good As Gold the debut album from Austin soul band The Nightowls, is a smooth addictive blend of pop, R&B and funk that will delight the band's dance-happy fans.  "We all cut our teeth playing Motown tunes," lead singer and songwriter Ryan Harkrider says.  "We wanted to pay tribute to our influences but with our own twist."  From the sexy soulful dance track "Break My Heart Tonight" to the horn-heavy sweetness of "You Don't Have to Worry (I'll Be There)" to the bluesy attitude of "I Don't Mess With That," this nine-piece group offers a near symphony of voices, brass, guitar, bass, keys and drums.  To lay down the tracks, they sought out Austin producer and guitarist Jake Langley, who's worked with Bobby "Blue" Bland and Roberta Flack.  The sound is contemporary-vintage, resembling music of a bygone era yet somehow feeling fresh and exciting." The Nightowls are Keeping me Up || December 2013

"…Good As Gold begins with the bands well-crafted take on soul, a modernization that leaves the raw emotion of the genre intact. You Don’t have to worry has a serious Jackson 5 vibe as the album takes to cruising the streets of Motown for a few songs.  Good As Gold flows into a grinding, grooving, heartfelt and all together mesmerizing conclusion with Blood Run Cold, an eight minute piece that I could loop all day…"

BUDDY Magazine || Dec 2013

GOOD AS GOLD is a consistently enjoyable soul/pop collection of nine songs that sound a bit like the "golden oldies" without becoming lost in the retro.  Underneath that upbeat sound, there's a sort of, without trying to overstate it existential angst, making this something to dance to or to wallow in.  Depending on your mood and your perception, perhaps.  

The danceable part wins out, for sure, despite the opening plea to "Break My Heart Tonight," the next-to-last plea of "I'm Sorry Baby, " and the closing "Blood Run Cold" where he hopes the ghosts don't creep out of the shadows, because he knows he's been bad and a fool.

The young Austin-based group- formed in October 2011- gets into the old Motown sound on its full-length debut album that's produced by Jake Langley (who's worked with Roberta Flack and Bobby Blue Bland)

The Horn || December 2013

"Austin soul band The Nightowls’ new record Good as Gold is a smooth, addictive blend of pop, R&B and funk that’s practically dripping with mass appeal. From the sexy soulful dance track “Break My Heart Tonight,” to the horn-heavy sweetness of “You Don’t Have to Worry (I’ll Be There),” to the bluesy attitude of “I Don’t Mess with That” (that sax solo!), this 9-piece group plays so well together, with all of the moving parts working together tightly. If this record is any indication, it must be pretty tough to stand still during their live shows. Their sound is contemporary-vintage, resembling music of a bygone era, yet also feeling fresh and exciting. Check out title track “Good as Gold” and “Blood Run Cold” for a little of everything." || November 2013

"I've been listening to several bands lately with a might horns section and another one falls in my lap courtesy of Austin based The Nightowls. In early December they are releasing Good As Gold and if you enjoy a mix of Motown and Memphis - this CD is for you. In fact, listening transports one back to the 60's and 70's where The Nightowls could easily assimilate into the great Soul and R&B bands of that time." FULL REVIEW

The Alternate Root- Top Ten Songs || November 2013

“Break My Heart Tonight” – The Nightowls (from the album Good As Gold) - The Nightowls can tell something is up. The band know that life is short and if the cards they are reading play out, they would rather get to the end sooner than later. The Nightowls make a reasonable request over some sweet soul music so that even if the answer is the goodbye they expect, there are plenty of horns and handclaps to cushion the blow"

"The Nightowls Day" in Austin, Tx || November 21, 2013

Mayor Lee Leffingwell officially proclaims November 21st as "The Nightowls Day" in Austin, Tx.

Texas Music Journal || November 2013

Texas Music Extra "New Releases" || November 2013 Top Music Pics || December 2013

"… Knock knock. Who’s there? Who? Who, who? Looks like we’ve got the Nightowls, a nine-piece mod-soul band at Stubb’s."

Hear Texas Here- Waterloo Records || December 2013

Good As Gold featured on the Waterloo Records, Hear Texas Here program.  

Sonic Vault- Top Brass Band 2013 || December 2013