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The Nightowls

Having played over 200 shows since the bands formation in 2011, the idea of a NIGHTOWLS album has been way overdue.  We know.  But, wait no longer because in July 2013, along with producer Jake Langley, THE NIGHTOWLS stepped foot in Jake's south Austin studio and began working on what will become our debut album.  Get ready folks. 

nightowls jake langley studio.jpg

With plenty of recording experience between all of us individually, we were able to navigate through the waters of the studio quite easily.  For the album, the we tracked drums, bass, guitar, organ, wurlitzer, rhodes, clavinet, trumpet, sax, trombone, female vocalists, male vocalists, xylophone, hand clap, choirs, telephones...and the list goes on. 

nightowls drum closet.jpg


After completing all of the tracking, we took our album over to Jim Eno's West Austin studio, PUBLIC HI-FI.  There, Jake and Ryan mixed the entire album on the studio's 1969 Neve 8016 Console.


nightowls neve console.JPG


We are slated to realease our debut album in the Fall of 2013.  Join our newsletter below for more info on the release date and the album release show.